DESIGN-That by data-that

Old Farm Nursery is a landscaping business in Lakevile CT who needed a website. Together with Eve Fisher, who designed the website, we have built a javascript based interactive website that fitted the needs of the business.

Transitions between pages are made with Javascript/jquery and fully tested on different environments. Since there is no Flash elements in the website, it fits all platforms.

The website is ready to add a store when needed.


Organization of Personal Inventory

When a professional personal inventory organizer wanted to enhance her organizing processes and improve her efficiency DATA-That developed custom software designed to full-fill all her needs. The software enabled the cataloging of her client's personal inventory in a timely manner ensuring that task of cataloging inventory would not overtake the essential job of organizing the information. As the software was developed it quickly became a valuable product that has been sold to customers as part of the organizing service.


Wipeout Exterminating LLC

Wipeout Exterminating is a pest control service from Hollis, NYC. because the company was looking for a cost effective solution, our goal was to create a website that the customer can maintain without having to pay for every update in the website. We had a challenge to develop a live website (a super blog) for the customer that will be easy to use even for a pest control specialist that does not have high skills when it comes to technology in general.



We believe the best solutions are built upon strong but flexible plans. To achieve such plans it is vital to separate the design phase from the construction phase. Professional design means taking the time to think through all the steps required to turn your idea into a final product. Our DESIGN-That service helps you craft the appropriate design to fit your needs.

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