Wipeout Exterminating LLC

Wipeout Exterminating is a pest control service from Hollis, NYC. because the company was looking for a cost effective solution, our goal was to create a website that the customer can maintain without having to pay for every update in the website. We had a challenge to develop a live website (a super blog) for the customer that will be easy to use even for a pest control specialist that does not have high skills when it comes to technology in general.

followed the website constraction from beginning to end implementing the following elements:

  1. Content collection
  2. search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. Website Design
  4. Website Development and deployment lasix
  5. Blogging and social networks 
  6. maintanance and support

Websites' graphic design - Eve Fisher.

Personal note - during the development of the website I (Yaron Meiner) have discovered that I share my appartment with a brooklyn kind family of mice! I called Wipeot Exterminating and team did a very good job fixing the problem and gave me some tools of how to live in new york without all kinds of pest problems. they are good! If you are looking for a pest control service, do not hasitate to call them.