Nina bloom is a bag maker from South africa who sells bags made out of vinyle billboard ads. the vinyle ads were collected after WorldCup 2010. nina is actualy up-cycling the materials and making such butiful bags out of something that was supposed to be in some dumpster. As Nina decided to expand her marketto the US market, she asked DATA-That to build her website in three stages:

  1. Rapid development of a website to show to investors and destributers interested in investing in her line.
  2. Development of an online store for the south african market (in the making) generic levitra
  3. Develoment of tools to give the castumets to custume design bags (future development).
  • The website is built with an admin dashbord and content management system to allow Nina to control her inventory and the presented content.
  • the website allows (blocked till store will be opened) users to register and buy Nina's uniqe bags.
  • the website is set in two different graphic design - one for the front page and one for the other pages. this way the main page of the website is a slideshow of images Nina wanted to present.

graphic design by Eve Fisher.

Nina Bloom Website Screenshot