Xalts is a non for profit project. It is a project in its first steps and we are looking for more programmers to join us in the making of this important cause.

When a friend of mine came to me and asked him to help his sun communicate with the world, I could not say no. as a father to an autistic kid, S. D. Jacobson is searching for any way to communicate with his son. When he bought an ipad and purchased a very expensive Visual Language Samples sofware he realised that this idea can make his son's life so much better http://enligneviagra.net/achat-viagra/. the problem with the existing software is that it costs so much money and the kid's school could not purchase the software therefore the time that he spent lerning the symbols was very limited. 

Together with Mr Jacobson, we decided to create an open source database for VLS and to create a web-based aplication that will help people that can not express themselves by words to be able to communicate with the rest of us.

For more details please go to Xalts.com.

we have been aproved to put our project at kickstarter.com, it will take us a fiew days to create the project in their website but when it will be ready, any donation is welcome.