Organization of Personal Inventory

When a professional personal inventory organizer wanted to enhance her organizing processes and improve her efficiency DATA-That developed custom software designed to full-fill all her needs. The software enabled the cataloging of her client's personal inventory in a timely manner ensuring that task of cataloging inventory would not overtake the essential job of organizing the information. As the software was developed it quickly became a valuable product that has been sold to customers as part of the organizing service. DATA-That's custom software allowed the professional personal inventory organizer to take her business to a higher level.

The software's main capabilities:

  • A custom database designed for personal inventory canada casino.
  • An indexing system designed and built with the customer before cataloging and according to their specific needs.
  • Easy input capability with input reliability check Data integration with existing databases such as book related information from the Library of Congress.
  • An integrated search engine for intuitive information searching.
  • A well-designed Graphical User Interface that makes the software a critical tool in the customer’s life.

software capabilities diagram, data collection software