About DATA-That

At the core of Data-That is a belief that success in transforming ideas into solutions should not be limited by technical and programmatic knowledge. We seek to remove these technological barriers by working with our clients to identify and bridge their gaps. At Data-That your success is our goal.

Collect, Develop or Present?

Whether you are an organization just starting a technology project, a mid-sized company struggling with data integration across multiple programs or a nonprofit trying to develop a custom application at Data-That we have something for you. We offer services and solutions for various stages of the development process through our Collect, Develop and Present Packages.

Our Collect Package is ideal for someone that is just starting a project or in the early stages of a project. Through focused data collection, exhaustive research and high-quality digitization we work with you to gather all the data and information that you need. Once you complete our Collect Package you will have the data you require to begin designing and developing your applications and solutions.

If you already have a project underway or have existing data that you want to do something with our Develop Package is for you. We offer you wide variety of customizable services for your design and development needs. We work closely with you to understand and analyze your data, design your applications, build the necessary databases or web services, translate your ideas into a clear and focused technical project plan and develop custom applications for the interface, analysis and presentation of your data. Our Develop Package is where your ideas get turned into solutions.

When you want to take the presentation of your data to the next level you need our Present Package. We offer a variety of services that make the presentation of your information fresh and powerful. We create intuitive and clean interfaces for your websites or mobile applications; we visualize your data to discover hidden patterns and trends; and we build customized reports that leverage your previous data collection and analysis. These are just a few of the powerful customized presentation solutions we offer.

At Data-That we want to help you grow and improve. If you are just starting a project or already have one underway we offer services that will get you to the finish line faster and with quality solutions that works for you. So the only question you need to ask yourself is do I go Collect, Develop or Present? Or all three?